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My Content Creation In Its Infancy

Feb 22nd, 2024

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Jun 1st, 2024

After years of procrastination and hesitation, my blog is finally online. It’s been a long time coming ever since I began to learn how to code in 2015.

In that timeframe, I have used several blogging tools, ranging from easy to difficult - WordPress, GatsbyJS, and, daringly, Hugo (I had no Golang experience at the time). I hadn’t committed to any because I was still exploring programming in general.

When Astro landed on my radar, I chose it for many reasons. One of the most convincing was that it is a static site generator with the promise of shipping minimal JavaScript.

Its simplicity and versatility are by far the most advanced I’ve seen in a static site generator. I’m very glad that I can blog with such an amazing tool. Thank you, Astro team, for delivering a pleasant experience.

So why blog now?

It’s 2024, and artificial intelligence is running rampant. People’s attention spans are getting shorter due to information overload, and almost every market is saturated with regurgitated content.

Who dares to start a blog in this day and age?

As someone who fancies an easygoing lifestyle, I couldn’t care less about this environment. The joy and calmness that result from writing are therapeutic.

I’m mostly alone with my thoughts and equipped with a blinking cursor for the majority of my day. What better way could I lay out these unspoken feelings and thoughts into a post other than coding?

Uncharted territory

I’m discovering what it is to become a creator and how difficult navigating the path is, even when there are plenty of guides on it. That’s why blogging, I think, is the easiest entry of them all.

Re-engagement can be low, and there is no significant time-sink into editing. The hard part is coming up with ideas and putting in the time to do the work.

Slowly, but surely, I’ll refine my process as I author dozens more posts like this one while also building new features to supplement your reading.

What’s current with me

I’m currently involved in building a startup as a solo founder in hopes of generating income. The world of startups is alien to me, and that is why I’m starting to blog. I want to document my journey in a safe environment.

I don’t know startup lingo. Furthermore, I don’t have a social network. And I surely don’t know how to launch a product. To sum it all up, I don’t know what I’m doing and am just trying things out until something sticks.

So hopefully, I’ll be able to reveal to you cool articles, techniques, products, and more that I think you might be interested in along the way.

If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this. And if you happen to enjoy this or encourage me to go on, please reach out. I would love to hear any feedback or advice you have to offer.

With that, I bid you farewell until next time.

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